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a training program for staff who support students using text-based multimodal communication in educational settings

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Join our autism educator training for nonverbal autism communication strategies.

Our Mission

Together, we aspire to empower individuals to choose and use alternative forms of communication to realize their educational and civic potential and to become meaningfully included in school and community settings. We believe communication is a basic human right.

Teacher and Student

Praise for Our Team

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"Dr. Edlyn Peña was outstanding as the conference's keynote speaker! Thank you, Edlyn, for all the work you do and thinking about future opportunities for higher education and exciting research. We so appreciate and NEED your groundbreaking work. There was not a dry eye in the room."

Shelley Carnes
director, Hirsch Academy
Georgia, USA

"Lisa and her staff have created an excellent community of people who type to communicate. Reach Every Voice has given so many an outlet to learn, grow, make friends and become more proficient at communication. Lisa is professional, kind, and a visionary leader. We are so grateful for REV."

Anne Tucker
parent, nonspeaker
Maryland, USA

"Julie keeps growing and developing her craft with a huge passion. Based on a HUGE foundation of knowledge and practice with many kids, she learns from each kiddo and family while contributing a safe, inspiring and motivating space for our kiddos to learn."

Kelli Pallett
parent, nonspeaker
Ontario, Canada

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