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Our Mission

Communication for Education is a collaboration among the Autism and Communication Center at California Lutheran University, Reach Every Voice, and Autistically Inclined. Together, we aspire to empower individuals to choose and use alternative forms of communication to realize their educational and civic potential and to become meaningfully included in school and community settings.


We believe communication is a basic human right.


Together, the Autism and Communication Center, Reach Every Voice, and Autistically Inclined have trained, coached, and fostered skill development for over 250 Communication Partners. 

Learn with Us

Communication Partner training for individuals who work in educational settings is a “critical intervention component” in improving students’ AAC access and outcomes.

Communication for Education, in collaboration with dozens of professionals and nonspeaking students, has developed a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind training program to help educators support students using text-based multimodal communication to access curriculum.


Meet Our Team

"Thank you so much for changing the world"

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"It was so very beneficial for me to see a different approach to teaching academics to non/minimally speaking students!"

Tammy Fenster
special educator
Virginia, USA

"Listening to people that understand what students are going through makes our teaching and understanding more powerful."

Luby Rodriguez Sequeira
STAR (Students Transitioning to Academic Independence) Lead Teacher 
American Nicaraguan School

"Julie Sando and Lisa Mihalich Quinn are experts...and are creating radical and necessary changes to the current systems of service delivery for nonspeakers."

Meredith Goldstein Asciutto
parent, educator
California, USA

Meet the Rest of Our Team

Advisory Board

A five-person, multidisciplinary advisory board will provide continuous input and feedback during our course development.

Nonspeaking Course Contributors

15 nonspeaking autistic contributors will be adding their expertise to each module of our course and providing feedback on our content.

Professional Course Contributors

15 multidisciplinary experts, some of whom identify as disabled or autistic, add their professional expertise to our course.

Live Course Instructors

Each course will be led by two qualified instructors who brings diverse experiences to the weekly live discussions.  

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