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Julie Sando

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Julie broke free from the world of programs and techniques when her instructors made the program more important than the person. This shaped action she takes today. You won't see her trying to make everyone the same. You will experience freedom, innovation, and an excitement to learn when you are with her.

Julie founded Autistically Inclined after six years of formal training in relationship-based autism therapy. More than a decade ago, her plans to become a graphic designer took an unexpected detour when Julie began working with a 4-year-old autistic boy named Trent. A part-time job working with Trent turned into a life-altering passion. Julie hasn't looked back. She spent two years training in behavioral therapy before considering relationship-based alternatives. The profound difference --  spontaneous use of language, connection, genuine warmth, etc. -- made her a believer. Inspired by her experiences, Julie empowers parents to reach their autistic children in ways that once seemed unimaginable.​

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