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SELF-PACED Communication For Education 16-Week

  • 112Days
  • 31Steps
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Communication for Education's online course is a training program for those who work for, and with, students using text-based multimodal AAC in educational settings. We recognize that many students do not participate in traditional school settings, so this training is appropriate for those who support nonspeakers in all educational environments, including homeschool and private schools. While our team is based in the United States, we work with schools around the world. Our course addresses core competencies for educators and related professionals who support text-based multimodal communication of non-speaking autistic individuals. Multimodal communication can include typing on a keyboard or communication device, pointing to letters on a laminated letter board or alphabet board, or pointing to text-based choices. The course will address best practices for developing a partnership between communication partners and autistic individuals by fostering understanding of presumption of competence, apraxia, emotional and physical regulation strategies, and varied communication strategies. The course consists of 15 modules in which course instructors provide instruction, examples, and modeling of course competencies. Participants will have 16 weeks to watch the prerecorded modules and complete recommended homework and reflection activities.

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